Guichon ist CU TR010 und CU TR032 zertifiziert

Guichon Valves obtained the Certificates of Conformity and Declarations of Conformity to Technical Regulations of the Customs Union – EAC (Single Economic Space of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia):
– Declaration and certificates (1 certificate for each type of valve) CU TR 010 « on the safety of machines and equipment » valid until October 5th, 2020
– Declaration and certificate CU TR 032 about the «  Equipment and machinery operated under pressure » valid until October 1st, 2020

EAC certification for Guichon Valves EAC marking on guichon valves

These certifications are now mandatory to sell our valves in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan and are required in the bidding process. We are certified for all our products :
– Gate valves
– Slide gate valves
– Globe valves
– Piston valves
– Ball valves
– Butterfly valves
– Check valves

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